James O'Keefe Teases "Deep State Unmasked" Documentary, Most Of Them "Brag They Can't Get Fired"


James O'Keefe, founder of Project Veritas and author of American Pravda: My Fight for Truth in the Era of Fake News, speaks about his next project, which he says will bring light into the depths of Washington's unseen bureaucracy.

Speaking at an event in St. Louis this weekend, O'Keefe vowed to put names and faces to the "conspiracy theory" that there exists a "deep state" of unaccountable, unfirable lifetime government employees who abuse their power for personal or ideological whims.

The "undercover" journalist also implied that his new documentary may contain the identities of the author/s of the infamous anonymous New York Times op-ed by a "senior Trump administration official" warning that the president is dangerously dumb and self-absorbed.

"I’m going to tease and announce what we’re releasing next week," O’Keefe said about the new project, Deep State Unmasked. "The subject of our investigation — for launch next week — the deep state … unmasking the deep state."

"To some, this deep state is an anonymous, faceless resistance. To others, it is a vast unaccountable government bureaucracy or some would it an extra-legal state within a state," O’Keefe continued.

"Some call it a conspiracy theory. But that conspiracy theory recently took out an op-ed advertisement in the New York Times," he joked.

“At the most fundamental level, Americans make their voices heard through elections, and these people are circumventing that,” he told the audience, adding, “A lot of them brag about how they can’t get fired.”

“Who wrote that piece? … I’m sure you’d all love to know that, right?” O’Keefe said, implying his new documentary may reveal the identity of the author. “That’s a little bit of foreshadowing here.”

From O'Keefe's website:

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