Eric Holder: "Make America Great Again" Mindset Is Rooted In Fear Of Future


Saturday at the Human Rights Campaign national dinner, former Attorney General Eric Holder gave his perspective on the president's "Make America Great Again" slogan. He said the idea of idealizing the past is rooted in fear of the future, and "they are just too busy figuring out how to make America great again."

"Every time I hear that phrase I wonder when exactly do they have in mind? What decade? What year?"

"Certainly it was not when people were enslaved," the first black attorney general said. "Certainly, it was not when segregation was the law of the land. Certainly, it was not when women were disenfranchised. Certainly, it was not when the LGBT community was routinely stigmatized."

He added: "This sort of thinking, this ‘Make America Great’ mindset is not only flawed, it’s rooted in fear. And it favors an imagined past over a realistic future."

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