Dershowitz: Trump White House Should Be Worried About Manafort Deal, "Big Win" For Mueller


Law professor and legal commentator Alan Dershowitz said a Paul Manafort plea deal would be a "big win" for the Mueller probe in an interview Friday. Dershowitz said while Manafort isn't a credible witness, the Mueller team is looking for "self-corroborating information that can be used against Trump."

Dershowitz also said that it is "too little too late for a pardon" for Manafort by Trump.

STEVE KORNACKI, MSNBC: Is that [the Manafort deal] something the White House should be alarmed about right now?

ALAN DERSHOWITZ: Well, of course they should be. There’s nothing that he can testify to that would probably lend weight to impeachment because he didn’t really have close contact with President Trump while he was president. But he did have contact during the campaign. Tough question whether or not alleged crimes committed to get somebody elected president is an impeachable offense or not. We don’t know the answer to that... I think from the point of view of Mueller, this is a big win.

(via Breitbart Video)

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