Woodward: People Calling Quotes In My Book Inaccurate Are In "Politically Calculated Survival Denial"


FOX NEWS: Legendary journalist Bob Woodward says a presidency is measured by what actually is done on the issues that affect people. Woodward goes on 'The Daily Briefing' to talk about his new book 'Fear' detailing life inside the Trump White House.

"I think you need to measure a presidency by what actually is done on the issues that affect people," he said in an interview with FOX News' Dana Perino.

DANA PERINO, 'THE DAILY BRIEFING' HOST: There's been several people that have come out and said that this book is inaccurate. This is not a new accusation, right. You've heard this before and you've answered and said it's all accurate and you have the notes to back it up. But what about for some of those people that have decided to talk to you? Do they get more favorable treatment in a book?

BOB WOODWARD, 'FEAR' AUTHOR: I am able and I have the time to actually vet it and make sure that these are the descriptions of what occurred, but some of these statements by people I call 'a politically-calculated survivor denial.' It's very much like the non-denial denial.

PERINO: They complain a little bit about that it was out of context or it was misrepresenting their experience, that's what Rob Porter said.

WOODWARD: Yes, and actually I believe that it does. But these things get washed out as time moves on. The former editor of The Washington Post Ben Bradlee used to always say that the truth emerges often it takes a great deal of time.

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