NYT Michelle Goldberg: Democratic Party Losses Not Obama's Fault, Party's Fault For Relying On Obama


New York Times opinion writer Michelle Goldberg said President Obama should not be blamed for the losses endured by the party under his leadership because the party depended on him and thought he "had this" and thus did not mobilize.

"I just want to say about the failures in the – in previous midterms," Goldberg said on Sunday's This Week. "I mean that was less about kind of his – his own failures as a campaigner or the fact that his own speeches maybe weren’t up to par as it was a huge failure of party building, a sense that kind of Obama had this so people didn’t need to mobilize."

"It's not that Obama gave speeches in the past and Democrats lost seats, and therefore Obama shouldn’t give speeches. Right, I mean the party itself is mobilized and organized in a way that it just never was during Obama’s administration," she said.

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