Tucker Carlson: When An Executive Branch Employee Subverts The President, They Subvert Will Of Voters and Constitution


TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: The news keeps coming; President scheduled to speak tonight at a rally in Montana, one of the great states.

We will take you there live as soon as he does begin. It got very heated on Capitol Hill today, the confirmation hearing for the President's pick for the Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh. That hearing is still going on at this hour. In just a minute, we'll show you some of the intense altercations, including one with Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey which was amazing.

But first, Donald Trump has complained for months that the permanent class in Washington is working in secret to undermine his presidency, virtually everyone in Washington thinks that's hilarious. It's ludicrous; they say it's delusional. The very fact that Trump says stuff like that means he's probably mentally ill, a nut, the guy sitting next to you on the bus babbling about the trilateral commission. It's sad. But suddenly, they're not saying that anymore, why? Because yesterday afternoon, the New York Times ran an anonymous op-ed that confirmed every single one of Trump's supposedly paranoid claims and many more.

It turns out executive branch employees are in fact working secretly to stop the President's agenda. Unaccountable functionaries are actually conducting a bureaucratic coup against him. It's all real. So, how did Washington respond to the news that Trump was right? Well, by calling for him to be removed from office without an election. Here's Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.


ELIZABETH WARREN, SENATOR OF MASSACHUSETTS: If senior administration officials think that the President of the United States is not able to do his job, then they should invoke the 25th Amendment.


CARLSON: In an interview with CNN last night, former Secretary of State John Kerry seemed to agree. He announced that America is in the midst of a full-blown constitutional crisis.


This is a presidency that - this is a genuine constitutional crisis.


CARLSON: Well, for once, John Kerry is right. It is unbelievable, it is a constitutional crisis, but not for the reasons he thinks. America is a constitutional democracy. The central principle of our system is that voters rule. Voters elect politicians to do their will. Politicians who listen to voters get to keep their jobs. Those who don't listen, get fired.

Elections make our system accountable. Voters get to decide who's in charge, because ultimately voters themselves are in charge. That's why, under our Constitution, the chief decision-makers are politicians, they're elected.

In the Executive Branch of government, all power derives from the President. He and the Vice President are the only ones in the building who've been installed by voters, no one else has. So, when an Executive Branch employee subverts the President, he is subverting the will of voters and therefore the Constitution.

That used to be obvious; this isn't some crazy new legal theory. It's the basis of our democracy, and now it's crumbling. Trump won because he promised to do things that other politicians had been asked to do, but failed to do. He pledged to keep the United States out of pointless wars, to protect our borders, and to renegotiate our trade deals.

Voters wanted these things. They said so on election day. Permanent (ph) Washington did not want these things. So guess who's getting their way? Not voters. So what kind of government is that. It's not a democracy, it's something very different. It's a system where a small number of people you've never heard of and cannot fire make all the key decisions and reap most of the rewards.

It's an oligarchy and it's not even a straightforward oligarchy. If the 500 smartest, wisest, most decent people in America suddenly overthrew our government and took over, things might actually improve, who knows.

But that is not what's happening. Instead, the Assistant Deputy Undersecretary of god-knows-what has decided that he is the king and you are a moron, and we're doing things his way or else. But he's not even admitting that he's doing that. He hasn't held a press conference to announce he's in charge. Instead, he's doing it all in secret, purely for his own benefit, and that of his friends.

And if you call him on it, if you ask questions about it, he screams that you're a racist and cancels your Twitter account. Meanwhile, he never stops lecturing you about how vital democracy is and how you are somehow a threat to democracy.

That's almost exactly what's happening right now. It's infuriating and it's wrong.

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