Alex Jones Confronts Marco Rubio, Ron Wyden: Why Are You Trying To Dehumanize Me, Censor Internet?


'Infowars' host Alex Jones is on Capitol Hill today, where he delivered a press conference at which he claimed that he had hired "top lawyers" to prepare a document to explain social media censorship to President Trump and that an executive order regarding social media platforms and digital commons regulation is on the way within the next "few weeks."

He confronted Senator Marco Rubio during a break in the Senate hearings. “Big Tech companies are purging conservatives, they’re shadow banning people en masse,” Jones told Rubio.

“That’s weird, man,” Rubio responded adding, "I just don’t know who you are."

Shortly after, Jones confronted Senator Wyden in the same hallway. "You guys have dehumanized me….stop violating my First Amendment in those hearings,” Jones told Wyden, who fled.

He also appears to have confronted Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in the hallway of the Dirkson Senate Office Building:

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