Princeton's Eddie Glaude on Monkeygate: "Obvious Racial Dogwhistle," Will The US Be A Racist Nation Or Not?


Princeton University African-American Studies professor Eddie Glaude Jr. joins MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' to discuss Rep. Ron DeSantis' controversial "monkey" remarks about the Florida gubernatorial race and black Democrat Andrew Gillum.

"Look, we are at this extraordinary crossroads in this country," Glaude said. "You know, I've been called articulate but I've never been described as monkeying up something."

"But that is obviously a racial dog-whistle. We're at a crossroads. It is not just simply about the loud racists, we have to make a choice, as a country, whether we are going to be otherwise. We've been at crossroads before -- the Civil War, reconstruction, the New Deal, civil rights movement. And each moment when we're at a crossroads something changed, but we've always doubled back down on our prejudices. Here we are once again, right back where we've always been. We have to make a decision whether or not we're going to be a racist nation. This is the key. We have to make a choice in the upcoming days about whether this is going to be a racist America. You can't choose to sideline yourself at this moment, so buckle up, it is about to get really, really ugly out here," the Princeton University scholar explained.

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