Glenn Greenwald: This Is CNN's Most Humiliating Moment, "Can't Admit They Lied... To The Entire World"


'The Intercept' founder Glenn Greenwald joined FNC's Tucker Carlson Tuesday night to discuss the anonymously sourced CNN report several weeks ago that claimed Trump knew about the "Trump Tower meeting" ahead of time. Michael Cohen's lawyer Lanny Davis has since admitted that he was the source and he was wrong to imply he could prove such a thing. CNN is standing by its reporting, however.

Greenwald said he found the whole incident "to be… one of the most humiliating moments and scandalous moments in the entire media behavior of the Trump-Russia saga."

He explained how other news outlets "outed their own source" after Davis retracted his comments, but "CNN couldn’t do that because they lied to the entire world."

"They can’t retract the story and they can’t admit they lied," he said. "So they are continuing to stick to what everybody knows is a lie, but not many people care because people think -a lot of people, anyway- that it was done for the right political agenda."

"Doesn’t CNN have some sort of obligation to viewers to explain what this is all about?" the FOX News host asked.

"Journalists rightly demand transparency from powerful institutions, that’s our job," Greenwald replied. "But how can CNN have any credibility to do that when you call them and ask them what happened here, as I did, and everyone else did, and they say, ‘Talk to our PR spokesperson,’ who then refuses to answer any questions. They have zero credibility if they don’t provide transparency themselves."

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