John Brennan: I Am Still "Uncertain" If My Security Clearance Really Has Been Stripped


Former CIA director John Brennan added another twist to the odd story of his alleged security clearance revocation.

FMR CIA DIRECTOR JOHN BRENNAN: I don't know all the facts here. But I think some of the facts that are being purported by some members of Congress may not, in fact, be the actual facts.

HALLIE JACKSON, NBC: President Trump threatened to strip your security clearance and then he did. President Trump has threatened to strip Bruce Ohr's security clearance.

What happens next?

BRENNAN: I don't know. The only thing I've heard about my security clearance from the government is when Sarah Huckabee Sanders said at the podium that my clearance had been stripped.

I've not been contacted by anybody at all either before or since then. So whether or not my clearance has been stripped, I'm still uncertain about. But she said it. She read something from Donald Trump.

But --

JACKSON: What would the process be?

Would you normally hear from some sort of intelligence official saying, hey, FYI?


BRENNAN: I would think that would be the process. But in this current administration, process seems to be thrown out the door because the process for revocation of clearance has very clear guidelines.

And so the Trump administration did not follow the guidelines that they, in fact, affirmed last year, about how to deal with security clearance revocations.

JACKSON: Do you think they're walking it back?

Do you think they're going to give it up --


BRENNAN: I have no idea --

JACKSON: -- keep your clearance?

BRENNAN: Well, given that I think everybody believes that the rationale for something like clearance is bogus, I’m sure there are some people who are scratching their head right now, who maybe have to put together the memorandum to say why I was stripped of my clearances, other than the fact that Mr. Trump might not like me, which is not a valid reason.

So I'm still waiting to hear. They have my contact information. But I have not yet heard yet.

JACKSON: To be continued, Director. Thank you very much for coming on and for sharing your thoughts and memories of John McCain as well. We appreciate it.

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