Trump To "Nasty" Dems: "Get Used To It. We Won The Election. We're Going To Win Again In 2020."


President Trump delivered remarks at the Ohio Republican Party State Dinner on Friday night.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: So while Democrats run down our country -- they really do, they run it down -- it always negative, nasty, the way they come after me. Get used to it. We won the election. We're going to win again in 2020. And hopefully, we're going to keep winning.


Man, these are nasty people. They are nasty and dishonest. You notice that nobody looks at them? Is that deep state or what? Explain that. Nobody looks at them, all of the sting (ph). McCabe, you have the beautiful Lisa Page and her wonderful FBI agent. How about him? Did anybody ever hear Strzok? Did anybody ever hear him testify? Did you hear this guy? Can you believe it? "No, I have no bias against the president, I have no bias." Did you read what he said? What a group (ph).

Comey, lies and leaks. Hes a liar and he's a leaker. No -- I mean, why -- is this guy being looked at? It's the most incredible thing people have ever seen, what's going on, but we're going to straighten it out. It's going to get straightened out.


And that guy is helping a lot. We're going to straighten it out. It's happening. A lot of good things are happening. Republicans are rebuilding our country. We believe in the dignity of work, the power of freedom, and we believe in the truth of our national motto, which a lot of people don't like using.

Did you see some court ruled against it the other day? "In God we trust." Nobody is going to rule against it.


Remember when I first started -- I hate to bring it up now, in this heap (ph), but I used to say, we're going to saying "Christmas" again. You know, they're saying "Christmas" again now, right?


Remember, at the beginning of my campaign, it was December, and I'd see these stores and they never said "Merry Christmas." They're all saying "Merry Christmas" now. They're proud of it.

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