Morning Joe Panelist: Trump Should Resign If He Has Any Interest In "Saving The Skin" Of His "Children And Grandchildren"


Martin London, the principal lawyer for former Vice President Spiro Agnew, writes in TIME Magazine why President Trump should consider resigning in I Was a Lawyer for Spiro Agnew. President Trump Should Consider Resigning. London joins MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' to discuss.

MARTIN LONDON: He should consider resigning because it is only going to get worse. The rats are leaving the ship, he's lost Gates, Papadopolous, Cohen, Flynn, now Pekcer, he'll probably lose Weiselberg and others from the Trump administration, and we don't know a quarter of what is in the pocket of the prosecutor.

And if he has any interest at all in not only saving his skin, but the skin of his child, his grandchildren, his son in law, his daughter. This is a time when he's got to seriously think about it. Now, is he capable of that kind of thinking? Frankly, I doubt it. If he's going to be advised by Clown Giuliani or people who don't know that truth is truth, he's not going to get anywhere. The national interest was what drove the Agnew resignation.


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