Sen. Warner: Intelligence Community Assumed Trump Knew About Email Hackings All Along


PBS NEWSHOUR: This week, a barrage of developments occurred around figures within President Trump's inner circle. Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) joins Judy Woodruff to review the Manafort conviction, the Cohen guilty plea, whether Warner expects Cohen to testify on Capitol Hill and President Trump’s “alternative world.”

SEN. MARK WARNER (D-VA): Well, let’s look — take a step back and look at what we have seen in the last 24 hours.

The president’s campaign manager guilty of eight serious felonies, potentially 80 years in jail, the president’s longtime fixer making a guilty plea as well, this coming on the president’s national security adviser pleading guilty.

It comes on 30 other indictments from the Mueller investigation, five other guilty pleas, the president’s attorney general having to recuse himself.

This president tries to, in a sense, live in an alternative world where facts don’t matter. But the real facts are closing in.

In the case of Mr. Cohen, Mr. Cohen’s guilty plea, where he seems to have indicted the president in terms of a campaign violation, I will let other lawyers or — make the judgment on that.

But what I find very interesting from Mr. Cohen is his willingness, I understand, to testify before Mr. Mueller, and I hear secondhand that he may be willing to testify before our committee about things that would be of interest to Mueller. That, by its nature, might be, in terms of ties to the Russia investigation, whether Mr. Trump knew about the hacking of the e-mails, was willing to coordinate on the release of those e-mails.

We do know that the intelligence community has assumed that, not only did the Russians intervene, but they intervened to help Trump and hurt Clinton.

I have — I’m very interested in what Mr. Mueller has to — or what Mr. Cohen has to say about those activities, as well as we have got a lot of remaining questions about Mr. Cohen’s involvement in a proposed Trump Tower Moscow, where, candidly, our investigation had gotten to a certain point, but we still have questions.

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