Bill Kristol: Trump's Last Line Of Defense Is "It's Not Russia," But How Do We Know It Is Not Russia?


Michael Cohen’s guilty plea deals a potentially significant blow to his longtime boss, Donald Trump as he joins a list of four other former aides who have been found guilty of crimes. Editor-at-Large of “The Weekly Standard”, Bill Kristol, tells “The Beat” the guilty convictions of Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen indicate “reality has changed” for Trump.

"Reality has changed," he said. "We now have a guilty plea from the president's personal lawyer with whom he was very, very close, and a guilty verdict on his campaign manager... Guilty verdicts have a real effect. Look, is there a hardcore of Trump supporters who will never desert him, there was with Nixon too. He had approval among Republicans until the very end.

"There are a lot of reluctant Trump supporters, and at this point, they get more reluctant in their support."

"Their last line of defense is 'it's not Russia.' but how do we know it is not Russia? Michael Cohen seems to be cooperating. Michael Cohen may well know about the Trump Tower meeting... and Manafort was at that meeting... and Cohen was in touch with Trump throughout 2015 and 2016... I don't really buy the argument that this isn't important for the Russia side."

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