Scott Adams on Brennan: We Should Be Worried That The People Running The CIA Have "No Sense Of Humor"


Author of the popular book explaining why President Trump won in 2016, Win Bigly, Scott Adams gives a cartoonist's take on the president's decision to consider stripping security clearances from former intelligence officials who have become cable news pundits, starting with former CIA director John Brennan. But first, he explains why he is concerned that someone with Brennan's character held such a powerful a position, saying the former director "may have started one of the most important political witch hunts in history based on not recognizing a joke."

"Brennan has apparently written his own response to losing his intelligence credentials/clearance," he started. "He said that a big part of why he started the investigation into Trump collusion was because of Trump's joke in public where he said, hey Russia, if you've got Hillary's emails, let's see them."

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"One-third of the public can't tell the difference between a joke and something that is not a joke," creator of the long-running 'Dilbert' comic strip explained. "I'm not kidding about that, roughly a third of the public quite literally doesn't have a sense of humor."

He went one further: "I'll bet that one day, 23andMe and other places that check your DNA will be able to determine if you have a sense of humor. Seriously. You will be able to know, genetically, if you have a sense of humor... And it is going to be devastating because a third of the public is going to be outed as not having one."

"I know if you're not a professional humorist this is hard to believe because if you see a crowd of people, it seems like they're all laughing. But if you were to zoom in on the audience, it wouldn't matter who the comedian was, you'd see that about a third of them are not laughing, they're just sitting there, looking at the people around them... clapping a little bit," he explained.

"That is very much the way I listen to music," he said, adding that they will probably also be able to out him as "musically ungifted" and being on the low end of music appreciation. "I still like a good song, but I mostly like music when I'm around other people who are liking it. I get something from the social interaction... That's how unmusical I am, I am completely influenced by the crowd."

Back to John Brennan, Adams said: "So, Brennan may have started one of the most important political witch hunts in history based on not recognizing a joke. I'm not making that up! I feel fairly confident in saying what I just said is literally true. That the head of the CIA has almost destroyed the United States because he didn't understand an obvious joke was a joke."

"He might be lying about that, he could be using that as an excuse," Adams added. "It was really about the thing he said that didn't look like a joke to me. Maybe it was something he wanted to do and, what I call a fake-because."

"It is entirely possible, and we can't rule it out at this point, that he started something that could almost destroy the planet Earth, destabilizing the U.S. which causes a nuclear war, but that is sort of on Brennan."

"If you've got a guy who is willing to put the stability of the world at risk because he can't tell the difference between a joke and a serious statement, that guy has got to lose his security clearance, at least," he said. "I wouldn't want him anywhere near a decision. After seeing how Brennan responded to a public joke, would you want him to make any important decisions? Not any. That is some scary stuff. And having watched him in public now, for the last two years, would you trust him in any kind of job? I don't know what kind of job I would trust that guy in. We've seen some bad judgment and what looks like bad decisions... But there are some things we can say that are objectively true, it looks like bad judgment to us. We can say that, but we can't read his mind."

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