Sen. Graham: Why Didn't The FBI Do For Trump What They Did For Feinstein?


Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) discussed Robert Mueller's Russia investigation with President Trump on Thursday's broadcast of FOX News' The Story with guest host Harris Faulkner.

HARRIS FAULKNER, GUEST HOST: Other advice that you might have given him, you know the big story today is the handing off now, the response if you will, from the President’s legal team. They’re handing off their list of what they’d like to see if conditions were a sit down with Bob Mueller. What do you say about it?

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM: Well, I -- we didn’t talk about that. And again, the President is frustrated with the investigation going to long. He thinks he did nothing wrong. And you know he makes a good point. Look at what they did with the Clinton email investigation.

The FBI agent in charge of the Clinton email investigation hated Trump like Clinton. Nothing’s happened. The FISA warrant came from a document prepared by somebody on the Democratic Party’s payroll and he feels like there’s a double standard here.

One of the things that we didn’t talk about, I didn’t know about it until yesterday, apparently about five years ago the FBI told Dianne Feinstein one of her employees may be an agent of the Chinese government.

That was the right thing to do and she fired them. I’m going to send a letter to Director Ray next week and ask him what is the policy? Why didn’t you tell President Trump that you had concerns about Carter Page?

Is there a double standard here? If this was a counter intelligence investigation, not a criminal investigation, the FBI should have told President Trump they had concerns about Papadopoulos and Page. Why didn’t they do for Trump what they did for Feinstein?

FAULKNER: Yes. I want to step back just a second to Dianne Feinstein. The Senator was made aware. She then went on ahead and fired the spy.

GRAHAM: Yes. Right.

FAULKNER: And -- and now you’re sending a letter to Christopher Ray. Are you -- are you feeling like that needs more investigation right now …


GRAHAM: You better believe it.

FAULKNER: OK. What do you want him to do exactly and do we need to step back even further.


FAULKNER: Yes. And take a look at anybody else.

GRAHAM: I’m sorry. What the hell’s going on with the FBI? Why -- why do you tell a Democrat when they hire somebody connected to China -- it could happen to anybody’s office?

When the FBI finds out that somebody’s working for us may have connections to a foreign government, they should tell us and Dianne Feinstein acted responsibly. When it comes to the Trump campaign, why didn’t they tell him about Papadopoulos or Carter Page?

And at the end of the day, what is Carter Page did -- had done wrong? He’s still walking around a free man.

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