Peggy Noonan: Trump Says Things He'd Like To Be True As If They Were True, Believes He Can Make Them True


WSJ columnist and former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan talks about what she sees when others accuse President Trump of bending the truth.

PEGGY NOONAN: I still think, in a funny way, even though there is so much that happens every day, the news cycle always seems too dense, there is too much going on, at the same time, nothing happens until more Mueller stuff comes in and a final report comes out, that is the point where we'll really know where we stand.

I think about the president, something that is true of him now, that has been true of him from the second day after he took office, it has been true throughout his administration. He. Talks. Too. Much.

He obscures and steps on and makes not-obvious anything good that is happening, he thinks his constant communication is his power. Instead, I think his constant need to talk and tweet and be in your face is, in fact, his weakness, but he cannot stop. He doesn't have enough self-discipline to hold himself back and let events unfold in an interesting way.

His rallies are amusing to his supporters, kind of inspiring and kind of fun. For one thing, they all get together. Americans aren't normally all together in a big room/ They get to see each other, they get to see their guy together.

I think he says a lot of things that they know aren't true, but they recognize it is part of the show. Part of his desire just to say things--

Also, he seems to be very big on this statement is father to reality. He says things that he would like to be true, as if they are true. As if that will help make them true.

What we have, a year-and-a-half in is a continuation of the drama of Donald Trump.

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