Markos Moulitsas: Democrats Better Embrace "Socialist" Label If They Want To Win In 2020, Despite "Wealth Of Candidates"


'Daily Kos' founder Markos Moulitsas warned Chuck Todd Friday that the Democratic Party had better embrace the label of "socialism" if they want to beat Trump in 2020 and that Elizabeth Warren, in his view, "probably does the best job of bridging the gap between the establishment and the resistance" wings of the party:

CYNTHIA NIXON, CANDIDATE FOR NY GOV: The establishment is terrified of that word, "SOCIALISM." But if we've learned one thing from the Obama years it is that Republicans are going to call us socialist no matter what we do, so we might as well give them the real thing!

CHUCK TODD: This is going to be a big debate point on that Democratic primary stage in 2020, Isn't it?

MARKOS MOULITSAS: I don't think it is even going to be a debate point. You either embrace the label, and own it, and be a player, or you can be like Andrew Cuomo and be off on the sidelines and irrelevant.

That's where this is going. Because if you really look at that so-called 'socialist' platform -- Nixon is right, they are going to accuse us of being communists before all is said and done. When you look at it, it is basically health care -- access to health care, education.

I mean, these are things people actually like. If you go item by item, these are things people actually want.

Donald Trump may not want his taxes to go up, but everybody else kinda does. So I actually want to have that debate. Let them talk about what it means to be a socialist. We're not that party that is being bought and paid for by Russia if you wanna talk about the Socialists. We're the party to look out for Americans and America.

CHUCK TODD: Messaging-wise, this fall... you talk to any Democratic campaign and they will tell you the two issues that are resonating the most are health care and health care. That is what is resonating on the campaign trail, and yet the national conversation is not health care. It is a bit of Russia or just Trump in some form. Is that a problem, or at the end of the day, Trump's going to be the story, so embrace it?

MARKOS MOULITSAS: Healthcare is probably the item that resonates the most. That doesn't mean Russia is irrelevant, the right to choose is irrelevant. Generally [midterm elections] are base turnout elections, and so you want to make sure that our core Democratic voters turn out and vote... African American, Latinos, single women, young people, some of the hardest demographics [to turn out]. So talk about the things they care about, and hopefully, I believe they will respond.

CHUCK TODD: Is there enough room in the progressive movement for both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in a presidential primary, or would they cannibalize each other?

MARKOS MOULITSAS: Haha, good question Chuck. I actually think that Elizabeth Warren takes a great number of Bernie supporters, she probably does the best job of bridging the gap between the establishment and the resistance. She's my favorite, but I also love Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand. We will have a wealth of candidates. Bernie Sanders will have a role in that conversation, I think he wants to have a role in that conversation, but I think his moment has passed and there is a future generation of Democrats who will be front and center... and I'm going to be in trouble for that one.

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