Kellyanne Conway: I Interact Every Day With Journalists Who Tweet Things "They Would Not Get Away With In Print"


CBS's Margaret Brennan and counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway discuss the president's war with the "fake news" media.

CBS, MARGARET BRENNAN: But I know you're sensitive to security concerns, because you have been the victim of some targeting.


BRENNAN: And I know you're sensitive to this.

So can't you understand the difference, though, when the president escalates, that there is actually at times physical danger, potentially, that there is a risk here, that the president may want to change that rhetoric?

CONWAY: The president wants people to give information, news they can use.

And I have got to tell you, there are a large and growing swathe of reporters, all of whom or most of whom I feel like I have a decent relationship with, that are sitting in the press Briefing Room who have contracts on cable TV where they say things and they say things on Twitter they would not get away with in print.

It would not pass even the most violently anti-Trump editor's desk. And so I think those standards are much lower on Twitter for these journalists, certainly on TV. I have been talking about this for two straight years now since the campaign.

I think the temperature needs to be dialed down overall.

BRENNAN: And you don't believe that journalists are enemy of the people?

CONWAY: No, I don't believe journalists are the enemy of the people.

I think some journalists are enemy of the relevant...

BRENNAN: Thank you.

CONWAY: ... and enemy of the news you can use.

And I think that most of it -- most of the sins are sins of omission, not commission, meaning, why wouldn't more reporters, Margaret, cover the vice president receiving the remains of our fallen in North Korea? Why less than a minute on one of the major cable stations?

BRENNAN: Kellyanne, we did cover it here on CBS.

BRENNAN: And I know we will continue to do that, Kellyanne.

CONWAY: I got to tell you, I don't mention the journalists by name. I don't -- I don't mention the journalists by name.

But I'm much more interested in the work of Alex Acosta than Jim Acosta, our labor secretary, because he's presiding over an economic boom.

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