Washington Post's Charles Lane: China Hoping Trump Receives A Setback In Mid-Term Elections


Washington Post columnist Charles Lane weighs in on China's effort to undermine Trump's tariffs, on Friday's edition of FNC's 'Special Report' panel:

BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS: People are feeling pretty good about what [President Trump] is doing with the economy.

CHARLES LANE, WASHINGTON POST: And that is why I don't think China will make any kind of concession before our midterm election. As that Chinese official indicated, 'I hope the president will listen to the voice of his consumers and business community.'

Translation: 'We're going to try encourage a political backlash against this president's trade policy, and we're going to see if that works.'

If the president and his party take reverses in the fall elections, I think that is going to make the Chinese seem vindicated that he is less popular than he seemed -- and vice versa.

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