Tucker Carlson on Sarah Jeong: Left Thinks Racism Against White People "Impossible"


Tucker Carlson delivers a monologue on the New York Times' decision to hire Sarah Jeong, an Asian woman, for their editorial board that has a history of tweeting about her hate for white men. (Offending tweets and Jeong's statement below transcript.)

From Thursday's broadcast of Tucker Carlson Tonight on the FOX News Channel.

TUCKER CARLSON: Yesterday, the Times announced it was hiring a woman called Sarah Jeong to write about technology for the paper. Within hours readers discovered Jeong's Twitter feed which she had not bothered to delete apparently because she was not embarrassed by it. Judging by what she wrote on Twitter Sarah Jeong is an angry bigot, and not in a subtle way.

Here are some examples of her tweets:

"Oh man it's kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men."


"Dumbass f****** white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants."



At one point, Jeong tweeted a crude graph claiming that as whiteness increased so did awful. Later she said that white people smell like dogs.

Here's another one:

"White people have stopped breeding. You'll all go extinct soon. That was my plan all along."

People are getting fired for far less than this across in corporate America right now but The New York Times decided to double down on Sarah Jeong's behalf. Here's part of the statement the paper sent out about her:

Her journalism and the fact that she is a young Asian woman have made her a subject of frequent online harassment. For a period of time she responded to that harassment by imitating the rhetoric of her harassers.

In other words, it's not her fault, white racism caused Sarah Jeong's racism against white people. She's the victim here, Harvard graduate oppressed person that she is.

Some of Jeong's many defenders in the press accused her critics of taking her tweets out of context. But that's not true, we checked. There's no context for these tweets. Sarah Jeong was furious at an entire race of people and she said so on Twitter. You'd think somewhere on the left, the last responsibility person would be cringing at all of this. It's all so ugly and awful. In an earlier time, it would be considered indefensible but modern progressives are happy not to simply defend it but attack anyone who questions the joy that Sarah Jeong derives from being cruel to white men.

Lydia Polgreen, editor in chief of Huffington Post, who is widely regarded by her peers as a moron, announced that criticism of Jeong is "part of a deeply troubling trend of far-right agitators trying to get journalists fired." Far-right agitators, okay.

Actually, we're not calling on Jeong to be fired. We're not liberals so we don't believe that every person we disagree ought to be crushed, including Sarah Jeong. We believe in free speech even when its reprehensible, maybe especially when it is.

What we would like to see, though, is some honesty.

Let's all stop lying for a minute. What Sarah Jeong said was wrong but it was only shocking because she expressed it so clearly. In point of fact, her views are commonplace in the American establishment, maybe universal.

Try to find a single government bureaucrat or college administrator or head of corporate HR who disagrees with the idea that people should be judged by the color of their skin and that some races are more virtuous and deserving than other races. They all think that. Every one of them.

And yet remarkably, these very same people are the quickest to cry racism at the slightest provocation or for no reason at all. They think of themselves as archenemies of racism. They get tattoos on their arm telling you that, and yet they are its chief purveyors. Deep, deep irony.

As Vice.com succinctly put it a couple of years ago: "it is literally impossible to be racist to a white person." Pretty much the entire left takes that as a matter of faith. They deeply believe that. But what does that mean exactly? Is there really an entire race of people so repulsive, so morally repugnant that it is "literally impossible" to wrong them? You could do anything to people like that and not feel bad about that. In fact, why wouldn't you? They deserve it. They're not really human.

That's the attitude. It's not hard to guess where ideas that like that wind up. We've seen it. All of us should be afraid of it. All of us, regardless of color. There are plenty examples in history of what happens when people start thinking this way. And they're all sad. It's awful. And yet this is the mindset that the left has imposed on our country. It's an attitude designed to dehumanize the individual, to erase what makes each of us interesting and distinct and vital and reduce us to faceless members of a group. It's totalitarian. We ought to resist it with everything we have.

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