Pastor Darrell Scott: Trump Most Pro-Black President In My Lifetime


Pastor Darrell Scott said President Trump is the "most pro-black president I've seen in my lifetime" at a White House faith meeting on prison reform hosted by the president on Thursday. Scott appeared on FOX News' Hannity to discuss:

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: The president earlier tonight talking about how unemployment numbers for minority to African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and Asian- Americans are the best on 14 states all record lows.

Now and yesterday, a friend of the show, Pastor Darrell Scott who also serves as the CEO of the National Diversity Coalition for the Trump CEO had this to say about the president during a White House meeting with inner city pastors. Take a look.


DARRELL SCOTT, FOUNDER & PASTOR, NEW SPIRIT RIVAL CHURCH: To be honest, this is probably going to be -- and I'm going to say this as the most pro-black president that we've had in our lifetime. Because and I try to, you know, analyze the people that I encounter.

This president actually wants to prove something to our community. Our faith based community and our ethnic community. The last president didn't feel like he had to. He feels like he didn't have to. He got a pass.

This president, this administration is probably going to be more proactive. We got urban revitalization and prison reform than any president in your lifetime.


HANNITY: And Pastor Darrell Scott joins us now along attorney Daryl Parks. All right, Daryl.


HANNITY: -- the numbers are in. Simple question, is the African-American community, Hispanic community, women in the workforce, Asian-Americans best are they doing better under President Trump or did they do better under eight years of Obama?

SCOTT: We don't know which Darrell you're talking to.


HANNITY: Darrell Scott. All right. I'm sorry!

DARYL PARKS, ATTORNEY: Well, Sean, what we want to see the president really address the issue historically black colleges.


HANNITY: No, no, I asked you a question. No diversion.

PARKS: Well, I'm talking to the education issue, though.

HANNITY: Is the African-American community and all these minority communities are they doing better under Trump or Obama?

PARKS: Sean, historically black colleges are not doing better.


PARKS: Still they need base--


HANNITY: How about--

PARKS: -- and not doing better.

HANNITY: -- on employment and the economy? Trump or Obama?

PARKS: That's what the president needs to address. But here's the challenge. What do President Trump doing to help unemployment?


HANNITY: Forget the challenge. You notice, Pastor Scott, you know, Pastor, when you don't want to answer a question that kind of means I put him in a corner called checkmate. I play chess. He can't answer this question. Because he knows the answer is Trump and not Obama. Pastor Scott?

SCOTT: Listen, unemployment is at an all-time low. I lived through 12 different presidents. And contemplating that fact. This president is the only one that I am aware of, and I'm aware of the prison initiatives, the urban revitalization initiatives.

He is focusing and concentrating on making a concerted effort to improve the quality of living for black Americans. So it's easy for me to say what I said yesterday because, you know, I lived through a lot of different presidents. And I haven't seen any other take a pro-active stance to us black Americans like this president is doing.

HANNITY: Darrell Scott? I'm sorry. Daryl Parks?

PARKS: Well, let me say. I think on the pro-black issue, for example, this president has not appointed black judges, Sean. And so that point alone show me the numbers as where he's appointed black judges.

HANNITY: We got millions -- we have disproportionately in the Obama years when you look at the millions more in poverty, food stamps, out of the labor force. Not buying homes. The black and Hispanic communities were disproportionately impacted.

Now the opposite has happened and you can't even say, good job, President Trump. It's good for everybody.

PARKS: Good job, President Trump. But we have other issues.


HANNITY: I wish you voted for President Trump now.

PARKS: No. But I want to see President Trump put more blacks in his administration.


HANNITY: Pastor?

PARKS: We don't see black faces in his administration.

HANNITY: Pastor?

SCOTT: But listen, listen. Attorney Parks, listen. When people asked me why aren't more blacks in the administration? I ask them, where were those blacks during the campaign? Us, blacks that were with him during the campaign were vilified, ostracized, called Uncle Tom, cahoots, sellouts, and everything else.

Now all of a sudden you got black people that were told to stay away from Trump during the campaign. Now you are saying where are the black people he's supposed to have? Where were they have been?

PARKS: But Pastor Scott, he could still appoint black people to his cabinet. There is no reason that blacks should not be appropriately represented in U.S. government. It's only right.

HANNITY: All right. We're going to--


SCOTT: He has Ben Carson in the Cabinet and I'm working with him. So what do you want?

HANNITY: By the way, Daryl Parks, do you realize--


PARKS: We need more than one.

HANNITY: -- do you realize Pastor Scott let me preach from (Inaudible) at his church. It was the worst moment. I did terrible. All right. Thank you both.

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