Gingrich On Mueller Probe: Sessions Could, Should Intervene


NEWT GINGRICH, FOX NEWS: Look, I think he can do three things to be very decisive and that would change the whole picture.

The first is, let me point to everybody in the audience, 98 or 99 percent of what Mueller is doing is not covered by Sessions recusal over the Russian campaign incident. Ninety eight of 99 percent. Sessions if he did his job could intervene tonight or tomorrow and would be totally within his authority. Ad he should.

Number two, the president will take every example we are talking about and simply declassify. I mean, I want to see every decision memo about Benghazi where the Obama team consciously decided lie to the American people.

I want to see all the decision memos about Hillary Clinton. The president can order them released. I mean, he has to do it by executive orders and say I want them out by next Thursday. Don't give me this baloney about it's going to take 22 years. Get them out.

Third, I think we ought to look very carefully at what this case is all about. Mueller has a bunch of very left wing Democrats. They are totally a hunting party. And I think the president should challenge Mueller head on.

Mueller, he should say to the president -- or he should say to Mueller, I dare you to hold a press conference. And tell the American people any evidence you have that you think is relevant to why you originally hide? Give us any evidence you have. Because I don't think Mueller has any evidence. And I think it would be embarrassing at how little he knows--


HANNITY: I think this Manafort case.

GINGRICH: What he's done is he's gone over there.

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