CNN's Acosta on Trump Tampa Rally: "It Felt Like We Weren't In America Anymore," It Needs To Stop


CNN's Jim Acosta addressed the backlash he received at a Trump MAGA rally in Tampa Tuesday night in an interview with HLN's S.E. Cupp. Acosta faced Trump supporters who cussed him out and flipped him off, and one daring enthusiast that gave him the double bird in a video he posted on Twitter.

"I mean, honestly, it felt like we weren't in America anymore," Acosta said Wednesday. "I don’t know how to put it any more plainly than that. Americans should not be treating their fellow Americans in this way. But unfortunately, what we’ve seen—and this has been building for some time since the campaign—I’ve been talking about this as an issue since the campaign."

Acosta also blamed FOX News and conservative news outlets for feeding Trump supporters a "daily diet" of "what they consider to be terrible things that we do over here at CNN." He said it is pitting American against American and declared it needs to stop.

"These opinions that these folks have at these rallies, they’re shaped by what they see in the primetime hours of Fox News and what they hear from some conservative news outlets that just sort of give them this daily diet of what they consider to be terrible things that we do over here at CNN. It’s very unfortunate, but it’s a pitting of American against American and honestly, it needs to stop."

In the interview Wednesday night, Acosta said the president is "whipping these crowds" into a frenzy to the point where they "want to come after us," speaking on behalf of the media. The CNN White House reporter fretted it has been "dangerous for some time" and expressed his worry that somebody is going to "get hurt."

"When the president, during the campaign, referred to us as the dishonest media, the disgusting news media, liars, scum, and thieves, and so on, and then he rolled that right into the Oval Office, and started calling us the fake news and the enemy of the people, he is whipping these crowds up into a frenzy, to the point where they really want to come after us," Acosta said.

"I think it’s been dangerous for some time," the CNNer said. "I was worried during the campaign that a journalist was going to get hurt, and it has been building. But when you refer to members of the press as the enemy of the people, you’re essentially putting targets on our backs and it’s not just some Joe Schmo on a barstool in Kalamazoo saying this. This is the president of the United States. And that comes with a serious force behind it. And he has a lot of people out there who are extremely angry at us."

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