Gingrich: Trump Has Right To Be Angry At Sessions, He Could End Mueller Probe "If He Wanted To"


Newt Gingrich said Wednesday "the sickness" in the Justice Department and FBI is "very real" and laid out a theory that former CIA director John Brennan used the intelligence agency to "set up the FBI" to investigate Donald Trump.

Gingrich also said Attorney General Jeff Sessions has the "absolute authority" to fire Mueller, however, advised the president to "endure" the investigation.

GINGRICH: I think the president has every right to be deeply, deeply frustrated at the failure of his attorney general to exercise leadership.

I also note that in The Wall Street Journal this morning, you had a former special agent of the FBI wrote a devastating piece where he suggests... Brennan, who was ahead of the CIA, and is a radical leftist who voted for the Communist Party back in the 1970s, Brennan may have actually used the CIA to help set up the FBI to start the whole investigation based on a series of things that we now know are increasingly false.

Imagine you're the president. You're looking out here and you say, 'Let me get this straight. The FBI lied to the FISA court judge, the CIA may have deliberately set up the FBI and I've got an attorney general who doesn't have the toughness needed to start cleaning out the snakepit?' ...

If Jeff Sessions wanted to, as attorney general, he has absolute authority to fire the whole Mueller team.

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