Giuliani: Trump Did Not Know In Advance About Russia Meeting In Trump Tower, "Shocked" By Cohen


CNN: Rudy Giuliani responds to reports that Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's former personal attorney, claims that then-candidate Trump knew in advance about the June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower in which Russians were expected to offer his campaign dirt on Hillary Clinton.

In an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo, Giuliani likened the Trump-Cohen situation to George Washington and Benedict Arnold and Caesar and Brutus, adding the president was "completely shocked" by his former attorney's decision to leak tapes to the press.

"The man is a liar," Giuliani said of Cohen. "A proven liar. There's no way you're going to bring down the president of the United States on the testimony uncorroborated of a proven liar. I guarantee you this guy is a proven liar."

"We all make mistakes about people that turn out to be disloyal to us," he said. "You know, Benedict Arnold was disloyal to George Washington, the greatest president, right? So, anybody can Brutus and Caesar. I mean, you can go back to ancient classical literature and you can find people you trust and they turn out to be scoundrels. I saw the president when he first found out that he had been taped, and the president was completely shocked."

Giuliani denies Trump knew anything about the infamous Trump Tower meeting with Russians:

CUOMO: He says he didn't know about the meeting. Maybe he did.

GIULIANI: You've got to make a case against him first. You haven't made a case against him.

CUOMO: But that is going to be --

GIULIANI: No, it's not. It's not a case when a liar says something. This guy's testimony will be worth nothing.

CUOMO: Well, hold on a second. If the president knew about that meeting at Trump Tower in advance --

GIULIANI: He didn't.

CUOMO: If he did, it matters Rudy. It does.

GIULIANI: It does. It's not a smoking gun. It matters.

CUOMO: That's not the bar. It matters. It's proof, and it's also proof that he's been lying to the American people.

GIULIANI: He didn't know about it. I know that. I’ve been over this in great detail. I’ve talked to the corroborating witnesses. This guy is walking into a trap. But --

CUOMO: You've talked to the other people that were in the room?

GIULIANI: Of course I did. Months ago. A month ago. Two months ago.

CUOMO: And you know what they say the president was told and not told by his son?

GIULIANI: I know what they say, yes.

CUOMO: All right, fine. Then I accept your word at that. We'll see what you can do to prove it.

GIULIANI: And I know that he's walking into a situation in which there will be no corroboration.

Gosh almighty, why didn't he tape it? He taped everything else. He's got a hundred tapes. Why didn't he tape that?

Maybe he did. Maybe he's got a tape of that that he erased. Did you ever think of that?


GIULIANI: You don't think he would erase a tape?

CUOMO: Maybe he would. I don't know.

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