Pompeo to Markey: "Fear Not," Trump Not Being Fooled By North Korea; Hope You Can Sleep A Little Better Tonight


Democratic Sen. Ed Markey questions Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about whether the Trump administration is being "taken for a ride" by Kim Jong Un in the denuclearization negotiations.

"Fear not," Pompeo said. "May I? Fear not, this administration has taken enormously constructive actions that have put us in a place that is far better than in either of the previous two administrations, one Republican and one Democrat. We have put an unequaled sanctions regime in place... until such time as denuclearization as we define it is complete. Pressure on the regime is clearly being felt. We still have lots of work to do, but unlike previous administrations, we have no intention of allowing the U.n. sanctions that we led the charge to be put in place, to allow those sanctions to be lifted or not enforced. And until such time as Chairman Kim fulfills the commitment that he made, I am incredibly hopeful that he will. We have not been taken for a ride, senator."

"I hope you can sleep a little bit better tonight," Pompeo said.

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