Maddow Refuses Correction: Trump WH "Disappeared" Putin Support in Transcript; WaPo: Was Technical Error


MSNBC's Rachel Maddow accused the Trump White House of erasing, or disappearing, the part of the official transcript of the president's press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin where his Russian counterpart said Trump was his preferred candidate for improved U.S.-Russian relations.

While the part does not appear in the official White House transcript, the exact same issue happened to The Washington Post's transcript, which was likely the same provider to the White House. WaPo's Philip Bump disproved Maddow's theory in an article he wrote Wednesday morning, hours after the segment aired.

Bump writes: Here’s the thing: That’s also how The Post’s transcript of the news conference initially read, too. Ours came from Bloomberg Government and ours, too, excluded the first part of the reporters question in which he begins, “President Putin, did you want President Trump to win the election”.

Maddow also accused the White House of disappearing the video of the question too. WaPo's Bump disproves that too, believing that the White House's version did not have good audio. However, FOX News' version of the press conference captured the question and answer clearly.

UPDATE (7/25 @ 2.23PM ET): Maddow tweeted she is standing by the story despite the Washington Post piece. Tweets:

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