EU's Juncker: I Was Invited To Make A Deal, And We Made A Deal Today, "Thank You Donald"


President Trump struck a deal with negotiators from the European Union, led by European Commission President Sebastian Junker, to launch talks to increase trade, reduce tariffs and costs, and increase U.S. farm and natural gas exports to Europe. Speaking outside the White House Wednesday, the two leaders announced that they had made a deal. Together the U.S. and E.U. make up more than 50% of world GDP and "if we team up, we could do a lot of good in the world," they said.

"We're starting the negotiations now, but we pretty much where they're going," the U.S. president said, also adding that all "retaliatory" tariffs would be taken down.

"This was a good, constructive meeting, thank you, Donald," Junker said, echoing the announcement Trump made.

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