Dershowitz on Cohen Tape: "I Think The Big Picture Here Is No Crime"


Alan Dershowitz gives legal analysis on a taped conversation between Michael Cohen and Donald Trump the candidate that was leaked to CNN. The two were allegedly discussing how to handle the Karen McDougal situation with the National Inquirer.

"I think the big picture here is no crime," the law professor said on Wednesday's FOX & Friends. "It sounds like Cohen is not as loyal to the president as he once was. It also suggests that this conversation never should have been heard by any of us. And Cohen should not have recorded a conversation. You know, you trust your lawyer to have a discreet conversation so that you can lay out all the possibilities and then decide what to do. The end result was that no payments were made, no cash was given, so this is a big deal about nothing."

"If Cohen is the source of the leak, he has a serious problem, but we don't know the source of the leak," Dershowitz said.

"The context supports the president's view regardless of what the words say," Dershowitz argued. "But in the end this was a lawyer conversation and in the end the president decided to do it the way the lawyer wanted to do it and it wasn't done at all. So, there is no crime here. There's no impeachable offense here. And if you read my book you can see that you can't impeach a president just because you don't like a conversation he made have had with his lawyer."

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