Nunes: I Don't Blame FISA Judges, I Think They Were Misled By The FBI


In a Monday night interview on FNC's 'Ingraham Angle,' Rep. Devin Nunes responded to the left's characterization of the contents of the FISA warrants which enabled spying on 2016 Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page (and everyone Page contacted).

One of the warrants on Page was released this week, prompting Democratic talking heads and Rep. Adam Schiff, Nunes' Democratic counterpart on the Intelligence Committee to argue that it proves the FBI acted correctly. Nunes says the warrant proves his original claim, that the FBI hid the political origins of the Steele dossier while relying on the dossier's claims to obtain a surveillance warrant on a member of the Trump campaign.

Nunes explained Monday that while the FISA warrant application does say the dossier had a political origin, like Schiff said, the FBI never came right out and told the judge that Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for the dossier to be made. In order to clarify matters, Nunes is now calling for the unredacted version of the FISA warrant on Carter Page to be released.

DEVIN NUNES: You have to really desperately try to put the words together the way they did, instead of having a simple definition, which could be "candidate 2 hired source 1 to get the information." That would be really simple to explain, the courts would have understood it easily, and at that point they should have rejected it.

I don't blame the judges, I think the judges were misled by the FBI.

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