Adam Schiff: Can't Deny That Trump "Acts Like He Is Compromised," Could Have Been Laundering Money For Russia


Rep. Adam Schiff appeared on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos to discuss the President’s "disastrous" summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, why he thinks the President is compromised, the overnight release by the FBI of the FISA application on Carter Page, and the indictment of Maria Butina.

"I think there’s no ignoring the fact that for whatever reason, this president acts like he’s compromised," Schiff said, "There is simply no other way to explain why he would side with this Kremlin former KGB officer rather than his own intelligence agencies."

Full interview:

STEPHANOPOULOS: And I want to bring that to Congressman Schiff, because we have heard the Russians say that there were verbal agreements made, Congressman Schiff, that they were important agreements made. We just heard Tom Bossert say he was told that they weren't, but we haven't heard much else on the record from officials in the Trump administration.

SCHIFF: Well, listen, I would agree with Tom that the talks in Helsinki were productive, but they were productive for Vladimir Putin. The reality is we have no idea what this president, our president agreed to. That's an asymmetric advantage for the Kremlin because they do. The Kremlin intelligence agents know exactly what took place in that meeting.

And the fact that Dan Coats doesn't is no failing on Dan Coats's part, the failing is that the president hasn't even described to his own intelligence chief what he may have agreed to in that private two-hour meeting.

Ostensibly there may have been agreements on Ukraine, on Syria, and who knows what else? We so know that after leaving that meeting and coming back home, the president undercut our commitment to the collective security of NATO.

Was that a topic of discussion too? Did Montenegro come up? It is, I think, negligent with our national security for us not to know. George, as you know, we tried to subpoena the interpreter, and on a party line basis the Republicans rejected it, some of whom talk a good game, but when it comes to defending the country, they're not willing to follow through.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Congressman Schiff, you've had some tough words for the president this week, calling him the gravest threat to democracy, other Democrats have followed that up as well. Just bluntly, do you believe he is compromised by Vladimir Putin?

SCHIFF: Well, I certainly think he's acting like someone who is compromised. And it may very well be that he is compromised or it may very well be that he believes that he’s compromised, that the Russians have information on him.

We were not permitted to look into one of the allegations that was most serious to me, and that is were the Russians laundering money through the Trump organization? The Republicans wouldn’t allow us to go near that.

I hope that Bob Mueller’s investigating it, because again, if that’s the leverage the Russians are using, it would not only explain the president’s behavior, but it would help protect the country by knowing that in fact our president was compromised.

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