Hemingway: If You Actually Care About Russian Meddling You Should Have A Lot Of Questions For Obama


Mollie Hemingway talked about the difference between those who actually care about election meddling and those who don't on Friday's edition of The Five.

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: We've had a week of absolute hysteria on this topic and, for me, I think there's one way to tell whether you actually care about election meddling or if you don't. If you do actually care about election meddling you should have a ton of questions for Barack Obama and his intelligence chiefs who knowingly allowed meddling to happen.

They were talking about it in August, in September, October of 2016. They said they knew Russia is meddling, they did nothing. Barack Obama even told his cyber people to stand down... It was only after Donald Trump somehow won this election that all of a sudden it became this real big hullabaloo.

JUAN WILLIAMS: But didn't they go to Senator McConnell and say, 'Senator McConnell, we don't want it to seem as if we're taking sides with the Democrat here. So, Senator McConnell let's do it.' Senator McConnell said no.

HEMINGWAY: They wanted a statement that means nothing. What I'm talking about is if you actually think this is a big deal and you're not just using it as a way to go after Donald Trump, you should be demanding accountability commissions for the previous president and those intelligence chiefs. And if you're not doing that, I think that says everything we need to know which is you don't actually think it was that big of a deal because actually it wasn't.

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