Sen. Rand Paul: Why Does John Brennan Still Have Top Secret Security Clearance?


Sen. Rand Paul joins FNC's Tucker Carlson to make that case that former CIA director John Brennan "is not a stable man" and a "passionate ideologue with a documented history of dishonesty." Along with former intelligence chiefs Jim Clapper and Michael Hayden.

"As CIA director, he lied about spying on Senate staffers -- which they did, and killing civilians with drone strikes. He lied about the Steele dossier. In 2010 he prevented the CIA from referring to Islamic militants as jihadists because 'Jihad is a holy struggle and legitimate tenet of Islam,'" Tucker Carlson said of Brennan. "This is not a man who should have a security clearance."

"You hate to think the deep state is real, that there is a permanent government that operates independently of voters and democracy, itself, but as long as guys like this have security clearances, you've got to wonder," Carlson said.

"This is alarming," Sen. Rand Paul said. "Can he look at all of my information? As unhinged as he is right now, calling the president treasonous. Is he for the death penalty for the president?"

"John Brennan has a history of leaking information," Sen. Paul said. "Not only for political reasons... Who in their right mind would want to let him have the power still to look through everybody's records?"

"He's a private citizen who works for a cable news station, could I get a top secret clearance and find out government secrets and use them in the course of my job? What is this?" Carlson said.

Sen. Paul announced his intention to send a letter to the president about it.

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