Devin Nunes: FBI And DOJ Leaders Trying To "Wait Out" Republican Congress, "Banking On" Democrats Dropping Investigation


Rep. Devin Nunes talks to FNC's 'Hannity' about how the Obama administration handled early reports of Russia's attempts to meddle in U.S. elections and warns that the timing of the 12 Russians indicted by the Mueller probe last week is very suspicious.

"It is not just about the warnings I gave in 2014, 15, and 16, it is also a fact that a year and a half ago, the House Intelligence Committee had more than what is in the Muellerindictment of the 12 Russian officers... It was in our report in April, heavily redacted by the DOJ and FBI, but we had all this information," Nunes said. "I just find the timing of this very hard to believe."

"Why does this always happen? Every time something happens on one side where we find out a new revelation about what appears to be real problems in the FBI and DOJ, all of a sudden they drop an indictment. It has happened time and time again, and this one is really bad," he said, implying that they are trying to cover something up.

"It is the oldest trick in the book," Nunes explained. "Many of the bureaucracies here in Washington know how to wait out Congress. They know to plan meetings on a Monday when there is not votes, or on a Friday when there is not votes, they wait. They know that Congress is going to adjourn next week. So they are making us wait for no reason. We're waiting on many documents, as you know, and we are getting very slow, snail's pace cooperation that is clearly designed to wait until next week when Congress adjourns."

Nunes said that despite Congress going out of session for the summer, witnesses will still be deposed.

"They'd love to see Republicans lose," he said. "I hate to say that, but I have to believe that at the DoJ and FBI, the people at the leadership, they are banking on a loss by the Republicans in the fall."

"If the Democrats get control, they're going to drop all of this investigation."

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