Dem Rep. Eric Swalwell: Trump Not Acting Like U.S. President, He Is Like The Prime Minister Of Russia


Rep. Eric Swalwell of California responds to allegations from Tucker Carlson of FOX News that the Left is "recklessly ginning up rhetoric" against President Trump and increasing the likelihood of violence, and whether Trump is guilty of "treasonous behavior."

"What's dumb is the Republican Congress is not standing up to a president who went over to Helsinki and had a private meeting [with the Russian president], agreed to turn over a U.S. ambassador to an enemy and sided with them over our own Intelligence Committee," the California Democrat said, getting excited. "At what point do you say that's not a U.S. president, that's just the Prime Minister of Russia defending the president of Russia. At what point that?"

"So you think the president is more loyal to Russia than the U.S.?" the FOX News host asked.

"Yes," Swalwell said. "Yesterday he acted like it, yes he did."

"I want to remind you," Tucker said. "You're a member of Congress. You're not supposed to talk like a child, or make reckless accusations, or say things you don't understand. Or encourage people to commit violence."

"Now you're yelling at me," Swalwell said.

"No, I'm just shocked that you're talking like this," Carlson said.

"Do you want to be led by somebody who is siding with Russians over the U.S.? That's -- yeah," the Congressman said. "The president of the U.S. in a private conversation with a dictator, agreed to turn over a U.S. ambassador, sided with the Russians against the intelligence community."

"You think it is treasonous for an American president to meet privately with a head of state who we don't get along with?"

"I think it is a betrayal of the United States to side with Russia over our own intelligence agencies, to agree to turn over a U.S ambassador to Russia who is innocent," Swalwell said.

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