Cortes: Idea That Trump Is A Russian Agent "The Birtherism Of The Left"


CNN's Steve Cortes called the conspiracy theory that President Trump is a Russian asset the "birtherism of the left." He said this is the result of people still unable to believe and accept that Trump won in 2016. From his debate with Ana Navarro on Wednesday's broadcast of CNN's Cuomo Primetime with host Chris Cuomo:

CORTES: Look, here's I think the reality. This idea that Donald Trump is somehow a Russian agent, this is the birtherism of the left. It is.

I mean, that is the reality of the situation. And why? And let's be honest about this, Chris, because you and many people still can't believe that he won in 2016. And instead of analyzing why --


CUOMO: You couldn't believe won in 2016. You didn't think he was --

CORTES: It's not true.

CUOMO: You didn't think he was going to win.

CORTES: It took me a while, but I did in the end, Chris. I did.

CUOMO: Like after the results is when you thought he could win. Come on, Steve.


CUOMO: Listen, you've got to do better than this. You've never heard me say that Trump is a Russian agent. I get criticized all the time because I practice this I only know what I show edict. I don't know if it's my legal training or just journalism. I don't get into the speculation about what we know. I just say the probe should end.

I'm not saying he's a Russian asset. I'm saying that he sat on his asset when he was supposed to be confronting Putin. That's why he went there, to be man to man, Steve. Remember? Nobody can be in the room.

CORTES: Right.

CUOMO: One on one. And he came out of there and said really bad things that hurt the country. And you know that.

So don't put it on me. Don't put it on fake news. Put it on the president where it belongs.

CORTES: I agree with you. And I was very public about that, that I think he performed poorly --

CUOMO: Well, then don't say we think he's a Russian asset. Don't say that. It's not true.

CORTES: Hold on. NAVARRO: Reason people have questions --

CORTES: No, but this is being said all over -- hold on.

CUOMO: Not here. We're having a reasoned debate.

NAVARRO: The reason people --


CUOMO: Poppycock.

NAVARRO: The reason people have questions is because it is hard to explain. It is impossible to explain and understand this behavior by a U.S. president, to undermine his own U.S. intelligence agencies over and over again. This is a guy who likes to pick a fight with just about anybody.

CUOMO: True.

NAVARRO: And he picks a fight with dead people. And yet when it comes to Putin all we see is deferential treatment.

CUOMO: That's the weird part, Steve.

NAVARRO: So, you begin to ask yourself, you have to ask yourself, if you're a reasonable person who is not a cult member --

CUOMO: That's the weird part.


NAVARRO: What? What is the reason?

CUOMO: I'll tell you what the problem is.

NAVARRO: I mean, it could be he's compromised in some way. Whether it's golden showers or whether it's money laundering, we don't know, but there has to got to be a reason.

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