Ron Paul: We Can Tell Trump-Putin Summit Was A Success Because "Neocons Aren't Very Happy"


Former Congressman Ron Paul and co-host Daniel McAdams discuss the president's summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin and come to the conclusion that "hatred toward Russia is bipartisan" and if the mainstream media and neo-conservatives are very upset, President Trump must have done something right.

RON PAUL: Overall when I think of the summit, I see Trump going along with what I have talked about for years, a little bit of diplomacy never hurt.

And I would say that this is significant diplomacy. It has to be that the neo-cons aren't very happy, because Trump sounded pretty reasonable and I think Trump won on this. I don't think Putin was seen in a bad light. I think the two of them weren't out there to have fisticuffs or a boxing match, and they were good.

Which, some will say they didn't accomplish anything, they didn't do this, this, or this.

Just talking to people face to face, I think, is so significant. I thought it was very worthwhile.

The problems are still out there...

The effort put in in this country toward the anti-Russian mood is so strong, and that is a mixed deal because it is, like I say, so many things are bipartisan. Hatred toward Russia is bipartisan, and I think that is sad. You hear constantly, and when you look at the indictments. I was delighted to see them go through and have the press conference.

My guess is there will be a lot of nitpicking, and I don't think we'll see CNN and MSNBC saying Trump did better than we expected. But anyway, I think the world didn't suffer from the summit, and hopefully, it can be a beginning rather than an end.

DANIEL MCADAMS: We've been hard on Trump, and he's deserved it, but I think this summit was Trump at his best. one on one diplomacy with someone he obviously respects. The press conference was pretty amazing, it just concluded.

A couple of points I took away from it. President Putin talked about how the Cold War is a thing of the past, the world has changed dramatically, since then. We've got to put this behind us and talk about things we can work together on. He also said very emphatically the Russian state has never interfered and is never going to interfere in the internal affairs of the U.S.... Here's something Trump said that I thought was great:

He said, "Nothing would have been easier for me politically than to refuse to engage with Putin," and this is great, he must have stolen this from [Ron Paul] somewhere. He said: "I'd rather take a political risk in the pursuit than to risk peace for political reasons."

RON PAUL: Sounds like he may have originated that by himself. I think that might say something.

I think this is fascinating, what is going on. I think it is such a benefit, that I wonder what it would be like if you had two people like that. It would be much easier if they both spoke the same language. They could just sort it out. Do what never could be done. This is helpful, but it doesn't come down to the point of putting out on the table the truth about Ukraine, let's put that on the table.

Who's at fault? is it all the Russians? In this country [we say] it is all the Russians. They invaded Crimea and took over East Ukraine, and Ukraine is a mess because of what they've done. But never will they talk about the coup [of the Russian-backed leader in 2013] and how our government was involved, what the West has done. It is the same about economics, about the oil and the sanctions. As good as Trump has been, there is a lot to good diplomacy if you have good diplomatic markets working, and not playing the power games. But I think at least they are talking and maybe they could move in that direction.

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