Mark Levin: Trump Hasn't Done A Thing To Harm America, Obama Did Nothing To Protect America From Russia


Mark Levin gave a brief history of the Democratic party's relationship with Russia and its leaders and compared it to the treatment President Trump receives even though he hasn't "done a thing to harm America" in an appearance on Tues day night's Hannity. Levin also contrasted the "appeasement" of former President Obama to the expanded sanctions of Trump in his commentary on Russia. Levin concluded that there were two entities that interfered in the 2016 presidential election -- the Russians and the Obama administration.

"Bottom line is two entities interfered in our election -- the Russians and the Obama administration. The Democrats defend the Obama administration and all of a sudden they don't like the Russians who they've been kowtowing to since 1917," Levin said.

MARK LEVIN: Now the liberals, the media, the Democrats, some Republicans very upset about Russia. They've had more positions on Russia than Stormy Daniels as far as I'm concerned. Let me point out some history -- this is very, very important.

John McCain, God bless him, and others have said that what Trump did at that press conference is the worst interaction we've ever had with Russia, the worst diplomatic disaster ever. Forget about the media, I want you to know something.

In 1945, Franklin Roosevelt sold out half of Europe to Stalin. He repeatedly praised Stalin. Franklin Roosevelt is the hero of the Democrat party, he of Japanese internment camps, too. In Yalta he gave up half of Europe to the Soviet Union. In 1961, JFK met with [Nikita] Khrushchev. JFK told a friend of his that he was rolled over, that he came across week, that it was pretty disastrous. And a few weeks later, what did they do? The Soviets are shipping missiles to Cuba and they are building a wall in Berlin.

In 1975, Gerald Ford in Helsinki with Brezhnev, 35 other countries, recognized the territorial sovereignty of the Soviet Union which included the nations of Eastern Europe. In 1979, Jimmy Carter placed a big wet kiss on Brezhnev's cheek in Vienna.

All of this hysteria about this press conference, the president said I could have said it better, I should have said this and they act like it's the apocalypse. It's not.

The left in this country has defended the Rosenbergs, they defended Alger Hiss. They defended Ted Kennedy in 1983 and 1984 when he was colluding with the Kremlin to defeat Reagan. The left, the Democrats in the country opposed the Strategic Defense Initiative which had as its purpose to defend us against Russian nuclear missiles, they called it "Star Wars." To this day, the left won't fund it. To this day, the Democrat party opposes it. They oppose the Pershing II missiles, to modernize medium-range nuclear missiles which you eventually put in Europe, again to defeat the Soviet Union.

If, in fact, Donald Trump had turned to Vladimir Putin after a 2 hour private meeting, after setting up this summit and all of a sudden and all of the sudden turns to Putin and says look, you little bastard, we know you inteferred in our election, they would be attacking Trump today. The way that Trump turned to the Germans and NATO, and said, hey, you're buying 70% of your natural gas from the Ruskis, you're funding their war machine and then you ask us to subsidize you?

The media and the Democrats and the same people went nuts. But some more facts. Obama as president, Obama did nothing effective at all to stop the Russians interfering in our election. He's the one who ought to be under investigation. No pushback for the invasion of Georgia. No pushback for the annexation of Crimea. No pushback for the invasion of eastern Ukraine. No pushback from Russia's criminal shootdown of flight MH-17. He capitulated to Russia in Syria, the redlines, his betrayal of Poland and the Czech Republic by acceding to Russia's demand to remove U.S. missile defense systems there. He betrayed The Ukraine by refusing them with defensive weapons.

Now contrast that disaster, that utter appeasement to what Trump has done in the 18 months. He's expanded sanctions on Russian companies and apparatchiks, he's expanded and beefed up NATO. He's had a massive increase in U.S. defense spending no thanks to the liberals. Restoring missile defenses to Poland and the Czech Republic. Returning heavy armored divisions to Germany. Prepositioning armored divisions in the Baltics. Ending arms embargoes on The Ukraine and Georgia that Obama imposed on victims of Russian aggression. Ending the ban of oil exports to try and compete with the Russians when it comes to their oil.

I could go on and on on this, these are notes I have typed out. All of this hysteria, the fact of the matter is Trump hasn't done a thing to harm America with respect to Russia and Obama did nothing to protect America when it came to Russia. The same attitude Obama had to the Chinese in the South China Sea, building their phony islands. The North Koreans as they are building their nukes, the Iranians -- he gave them $150 billion and a wet kiss on the lips.

So the attacks on Trump, this overwrought hysterical, insane attack by the media, the Democrats some in the Republican party and some phony conservatives -- you're allowed to question the president, just don't go nuts...

Bottom line is two entities interfered in our election -- the Russians and the Obama administration. The Democrats defend the Obama administration and all of a sudden they don't like the Russians who they've been kowtowing to since 1917.

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