Fmr GOP Rep. David Jolly On Trump/Putin Summit: Americans "Should Feel Fear"


Former GOP Rep. David Jolly of Florida says Americans should be afraid of the allegations brought forward by special counsel Robert Mueller.

DAVID JOLLY: This is one of those moments we have to be careful to not get drawn into a debate over President Trump's psychology. What we saw today from Rosenstein is a moment in American history, and we should be unequivocal in our response. And the president of the United States should be unequivocal.

The Monday meeting should be canceled. The bilateral meeting with Putin. We should eject Russian diplomats and we should bring our U.S. diplomats home from Russia. The president is not going to do that and the president has known for days about this and he did not pivot in the press conference today to change his message nor is he changing the meeting. And what Americans should feel today -- and I say this carefully -- but we should feel fear.

The department of justice today issued a statement on behalf of the United States government saying that one of our greatest adversaries in the world, Russia, had intelligence agents interfere with our elections. Note that when the department of justice alleges that, that is a position, a statement of the top law enforcement agency in the United States. We should be fearful about the allegation. We should be fearful about the statement of facts. At the end of the day we should be fearful we have a president who has known about this and did not change his behavior.

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