Bret Stephens: "Ideological Affinity" Between Putin And Trump Is More Important Than "Tactical Collusion"


New York Times and Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens tries to explain to Evan McMullin why President Trump and Vladimir Putin get along so well:

EVAN MCMULLIN: In my view, Trump is under some sort of influence by Putin that prevents him from behaving like a regular president. And I don't think we should expect him to do that.

BRET STEPHENS, NEW YORK TIMES: He behaves this way because Donald Trump does not believe in the liberal international order that the United States created in the wake of World War II, and we sustained over all of these generations.

KATY TUR, NBC: Does he not believe in the sanctity of our democracy as well?

STEPHENS: I don't think Donald Trump believes in liberal values as you and I, understand. I don't mean liberal in the progressive left wing sense. I mean liberal as in free speech, pluralism, democracy, civil rights, and so on. He believes in something much closer to what Putin calls Sovereign Democracy, Nationalism, Protectionism.

it's why both of them find people like Angela Merkel in Germany and Theresa May in England weak, despicable and are seeking to undermine them.

The ideological affinity between Putin and Trump is actually rather strong. I mean, we'll find out what Bob Mueller has to say about collusion on a tactical level, but the real collusion is ideological.

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