Grassley on Tariffs: If Trump "Does Go Over The Brink, It's Going To Be Catastrophic"


FNC: In an interview on this morning's edition of FOX News Channel's FOX & Friends, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) discussed President Donald Trump's approach when it comes to tariffs.

SEN. CHUCK GRASSLEY (R-IOWA) I’m very, very nervous about it and my constituents are very, very nervous about it. And it doesn’t just affect the 5% of people in Iowa that operate farms. It ripples through the whole economy. I am a free trader. I do want the president to level the playing field with countries that have more barriers to trade than we do. But the uncertainty of it is very bad. And we do know this – that if the president, the negotiator is, brings these negotiations to the brink, and if he doesn’t go over the brink, we know that it’s going to be better for the United States. But if he does go over the brink, it’s going to be catastrophic. And with the price of soybeans and corn falling the way it has, it’s already been catastrophic if you want to sell your beans and corns today. If you wait a while, maybe you can do better, or if you sold them two months ago you’d do better, but this has had a very detrimental impact on current markets...

I’ve had an opportunity to tell him three times with other Senators over a period of three months and for twelve months, people in his administration the catastrophic impact I could have on agriculture. And so they know where we’re coming from, but the president being the business man he is and having the philosophy, this is kind of his philosophy of not a direct quote, but the longer you negotiate the better deal you get. Well I hope he knows what he’s doing… it’s making people nervous.

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