Mollie Hemingway: Never Trumpers Way Overrepresented In Media, They Represent "Incredibly Small Fraction" Of People


'The Federalist' columnist Mollie Hemingway joins FNC's Howie Kurtz on 'MediaBuzz' to discuss the media's portrayal of the Trump administration.

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: I’m interested in this from a media angle. It’s the predominance of never-Trumpets we see in newspapers and in the media outlets. In the real world, they represent an incredibly small fraction of the people. In the media world, they dominate everything. You look at papers that won’t have a single columnist who represents the average Republican voter, even though the average Republican voter elected the president, who decides a lot of stuff.

These people get a lot of prominence for a pretty minority opinion and they seem to be praised by people in the media.

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