Dem Sen. Blumenthal: Kavanaugh Must Recuse Himself From Trump-Related And Mueller-Related Cases


During a Tuesday press conference on the steps of the Supreme Court, Sen. Richard Blumenthal said President Trump's court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh must agree to recuse himself from cases involving "Trump's personal financial dealings" and special counsel Robert Mueller.

"I’m a no on this nominee. My colleagues should be a no on this nominee unless Judge Kavanaugh specifically commits that he will recuse himself on any issues that involve President Trump’s personal financial dealings or the special counsel," Blumenthal said.

"He would be the swing vote. Judge Kavanaugh, if he is a justice, would be the swing vote in deciding whether he can pardon himself—get out of jail free pass. That’s the accountability that will be lost if Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed. Likewise, whether he can be called before a grand jury—whether he can be indicted while he is still president."

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