Tucker Carlson: The Left Is Spinning Out Of Control, Their Rage Has Finally Consumed Them


FNC host Tucker Carlson responds to the clique of Democratic Senators calling for the abolition of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE).

TUCKER CARLSON FOX NEWS CHANNEL: Progressives have always been angry, indignation is their signature emotion. But a year and a half into the Trump Administration, their rage has finally consumed them. The left is spinning completely out of control. Just two weeks ago, only a few fringe figures called for abolishing border enforcement. Now that's the mainstream view in the Democratic Party.

Sen. Liz Warren: Time To Abolish "Ugly And Wrong" ICE, Replace With "Something That Reflects Our Morality"

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: ICE Has Become A "Deportation Force," Start Over With Immigration Enforcement

Sen. Kamala Harris: Time To "Reexamine ICE And Its Role"

TUCKER: Kirsten Gillibrand and Elizabeth Warren are thinking strongly about running for president. They don't take positions lightly. if they're calling for the end of national borders, and that is exactly what they are calling for, they think their party is with them. And they might be right.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is definitely with them, she soon to be the Congressman for New York's 14th district is a self-idtentified Democratic sociialist. What does that mean exactly?

Last week, the New York Democratic Socialists of America issued a statement of their beliefs: "Abolish profit, abolish prisons, abolish cash bail, abolish borders."

Abolishing prisons in a country with thousands of murders every year? What would that look like? You probably wouldn't stick around to find out, you'd be long gone, along with every other normal and productive person in what was once America, refugees from their own countries. Something like this happened in Venezuela, and there are people working to make it happen here too. Suddenly some of them are prominent in the Democratic Party.

This is getting scary. if you pay attention, this should scare you.

You'd think our so-called intellectual leaders would be working to moderate the extreme rhetoric, and guide it in a more responsible direction. But they're not. Instead, those leaders are adding to the cycle of extremism. Consider their reaction to the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy. Left-wing law professors at prominent schools are calling for Democrats to expand the number of seats on the Supreme Court and pack it with liberals, for a permanent majority.

Harvard Law lecturer Ian Samuel wrote that the Supreme Court with ten liberals and only five conservatives would actually be "incredibly generous to the Republicans."

If this happened, the court's legitimacy would vanish overnight, but they don't care about that. They would have power forever, and that is their only goal.

Of course, Republicans could pack the Supreme Court right now if they wanted to. They have the power. But they won't do that. Only the left is embracing extremism right now.

When progressive mobs threaten public figures, progressive leaders cheer them on!

Here's Washington Post writer Jennifer Rubin explaining on MSNBC that Sarah Sanders deserves a "life sentence" of harassment from the left for the crime of working for Donald Trump.

JENNIFER RUBIN, WASHINGTON POST: Sarah Huckabee has no right to live a life of no fuss, no muss, after lying to the press, after inciting against the press. These people should be made uncomfortable, and I think that is a life sentence, frankly.

TUCKER: 'She has no right to live a normal life because she disagrees with me.' Well there's nothing liberal baout language like that, it is pure authoritarianism.

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