Tim Pool: Is The Far-Left Helping Trump To A Second Term?


YouTube commentator Tim Pool delivers a monologue on "far-left rhetoric" helping President Trump to a second term.

"The Democratic Socialists of America have repeatedly called for no borders and no nations, a particularly extreme position. So then I'm wondering if the rhetoric is going this far, flat-out calling for no borders and the average American likes America are they really inadvertently campaigning for Donald Trump? Are they actually going to help him win a second term?" Pool asked.

Video description, via YouTube:

The Far left is calling for no borders and an end to immigration and customs enforcement. With the win of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez many mainstream democrats have embraced some of the far-left rhetoric.

The Democratic Socialists of America are calling for no borders, most Americans won't get behind that and with Dems now embracing similar rhetoric I have to wonder if the far-left is actually helping Trump and the republicans in the upcoming elections.

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