McLaughlin: President Trump "Is An Intelligence Recruiter's Dream," "Totally Transparent" on Twitter


Former acting CIA director John McLaughlin discusses the planned Trump-Putin summit on July 16:

ANDREA MITCHELL, MSNBC: We've got a Republican-only congressional delegation in Moscow right now. In the past, it's always been bipartisan congressional delegations from the Defense and Foreign Relations Committees.

It seems awfully one-sided.

JOHN MCLAUGHLIN, FORMER CIA DIRECTOR: It's one-sided. I think putin is very much driving this. And the concern that I think we all have to have is that the president seems quite primed, just based on what he said about Putin, including his recent remark that Putin continues to deny meddling in our elections, he seems primed inclined to agree with most of Putin's preferences. Putin, of course, wants to weaken NATO, weaken the European Union. And we've got a president who is inclined to agree with all of that. His remark about the European Union being a threat to the United States and incorrectly characterizing it as created to combat the United States, which is completely wrong.

Let's hope it goes well, but thinking as a former intelligence officer, and Malcolm is as well, the president is an intelligence recruiter's dream. He's totally transparent with his tweets and his public comments. His frustrations, his desires, his weaknesses, his vulnerabilities, are all hanging out there. This is normally the kind of Deep research on someone to find out, but he presents it all to you.

Putin, of course, is a trained KGB intelligence operator. I think, among other things, the president has to be prepared to have the Russians lie to him. He does that pretty well himself, so some synchronicity there. When the Russians do that, you have to confront them, they have to know that you know they're like, and things will get better. I'm not sure that will happen.

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