CFR President Richard Haass: Donald Trump Is Repealing American-Led World Order With No Replacement


Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haass comments on the Trump doctrine. President Trump has written letters to the leaders of NATO allies including Germany, Belgium, Norway and Canada and warning the United States is losing patience, according to New York Times reporting.

RICHARD HAASS, CFR: We are seeing -- one of these rare moments we're actually living in history. Normally you read about history in your high school or college textbook. No. We now have the experience of living in it. What we're seeing is history unfold, the daily bringing about of what people have described, Fareed Zakaria and others, as the post-American world. We are voluntarily giving up our position of advantage, supremacy, creating a level playing field where everybody essentially decides what deals they are going to make. Either they have to defer to more powerful countries like a China or a Russia, rather than being able to depend on a reliable United States, or they simply do what they think is in their own best interests.

What this will be a world that's far messier, far less American influence, stability and ultimately less prosperity for us, but we are -- this is the foreign policy equivalent. Be straight about it. The foreign policy equivalent of "repeal without replacement." We're repealing the American-led order that has done I, I think, extraordinarily well for 70 years, and in its place, something much closer to an international free for all.


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