NBC's Hallie Jackson: Judges Wouldn't Be On Federalist Society List If They Were Not Pro-Life


On NBC's Meet the Press roundtable, political report Hallie Jackson weighs in on the debate over whether President Trump will nominate someone who opposes Roe v. Wade to the Supreme Court.

CHUCK TODD: I thought Lindsey Graham was trying to send a message to the president when he said, precedent matters.

HALLIE JACKSON: Settled law. Right.

CHUCK TODD: It was Lindsey's way of saying -- he didn't want the headline "Lindsey Graham Supports Roe v. Wade" -- so he started speaking in Latin. Political Latin. I think Lindsey Graham agrees with Cornell. Be careful here.

HALLIE JACKSON: I have heard from sources and the president confirmed it on Friday, he is not going to specifically ask where she's candidates are [on Roe v. Wade]. He doesn't have to. They wouldn't be on the list coming out from the Federalist Society, if you didn't already know where they stood on that particular issue. One way that I have heard that people close to the president are trying to inoculate against some of that, is to push him towards picking a woman. The president has said he's leaning towards selecting two women who are on the short list of maybe five to seven, including Amy Barrett, as one person put it to me last night, she was dinged by Dianne Feinstein in her confirmation hearing for the circuit judgeship. There is a calculation that some people close to the president are making. But I've also heard the president himself said, essentially, I'm not going to think about gender politics. I want to pick the best candidate. If that's a man, it's a man.

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