Dem Sen. Blumenthal: "Abolishing ICE Will Accomplish Nothing Unless We Change Trump Policies"


On CBS's 'Face the Nation' on Sunday, Connecticut Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal broke from fellow Democrats like Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand, who have called for the abolition of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) in recent weeks.

"I want to ask you, sir, do you agree with your colleague, Senator Gillibrand that we should get rid of immigration and customs enforcement or ICE. as that agency is known?" CBS host Margaret Brennan asked.

"Abolishing ICE will accomplish nothing unless we change the Trump policies," Blumenthal said.

There is a growing movement among liberals and progressives to abolish ICE. Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) and Gillibrand called for ICE to be abolished. Cynthia Nixon, who is challenging New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic primary, called ICE a "terrorist organization" and said it should be abolished. Other progressive candidates and activists have adopted this as part of their platform amid the controversy of the Trump administration's zero tolerance policy for illegal immigration.

"The Trump administration is embarked on a train wreck, a moral train wreck, a legal train wreck and a humanitarian train wreck because the plan now is to put the family together intent city behind fences and other barbed wire in ways that amount to imprisonment, interment just as was done with people of Japanese descent during World War II," Blumenthal continued. "That is a policy that is a disgrace to the United States of America."

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